The holiday season is just around the corner. But we still need a few more things to give our shelter that magical final touch.

Your help would go a long way toward giving our animals the things they need. A gift today will allow us to pamper them and keep them entertained. And in the longer term, as you might guess, it will also enable us to save more animals, care for them and find them lifelong homes.

Start filling your basket


A mouse or another fun toy for Mr. Sassy


A special treat for Mr. Chubby


A pretty collar or another accessory for Miss Princess


A warm blanket for Mr. Homebody


Put a little warmth in their hearts!

We sure do love our animal friends! Whether they’re wheedling, charming, pilfering, independent (they’re just pretending), unflappable, emotional or mischievous, they’re always dear to our hearts!

That’s why we want them to be happy, comfortable and safe… during the holidays and every day of the year! On behalf of our animal recipients, thank you for your gift today.


With help from its extended family of donors, the Montreal SPCA:

  • protects animals from neglect, abuse and exploitation;
  • represents their interests and ensures their well-being;
  • builds public awareness and fosters compassion for all living beings.

Every year, we take in, comfort and care for thousands of animals at our shelter and work tirelessly to find them a forever home.